2017 ESPYS Best Dressed & A 'Lil More

If we're being honest, fancy events are fun because you get to spend way too much time planning the perfect fit. I see your effort. Here are some of the best threads from the 2017 ESPYS red carpet.


Let us all take a minute to reflect on the fact that Kevin Durant tricked us into thinking he was the saltiest dude on the planet. A friend of mine called it right after it happened live and I rolled my eyes because there was no way KD was that good of an actor. And here we are.

Regardless, Durant was super casual at the 2017 ESPY Awards compared to previous years but it doesn't mean there wasn't meticulous thought put into his wardrobe. His stylist, Nchimunya Wulf, spent Wednesday with Durant at R H U D E Designs in Hollywood Hills to curate his getup, which featured Nike sneaks and a black jacket.

"#KD in Million Woman March vintage t-shirt from the 90's ✊🏾✊🏿✊🏽+ @rhudedesigns + @nike," posted Wulf on Instagram. According to Rhude's website, the brand focuses on minimalistic effortless style mixed with streetwear sensibilities, using fine fabrics and focus on fit.

"Fit for a champion," said Rhuigi Villaseñor, founder and design director for the label. "@rhudedesigns and March for Women tee. This ain't a game babe. And @nikesportswear. Rhude on the left chest, over the heart. Salud brother."


Scandrick was in a pink silk suit. PINK. SILK. That's really all I have to say about that. But, while were on the subject of people styled by Brandon Williams, better known as Brand Wills, take a moment to appreciate Marcedes Lewis at the Body Party. Williams also styled Karl-Anthony Towns.


Keeping along the Brand Wills train, Mike freakin' Conley murdered the red carpet. While Conley was on the carpet you couldn't see anyone else. The Grizzlies' PG wore a custom Waraire Boswell suit (Deandre Jordan also rocked Waraire Boswell). If you're not obsessed with this look, then what are you?

"I love when the vision comes to life," said Williams in an Instagram post on Wednesday. "We killed this Conley look."


Russell got the chance to be a part of a special collaboration between 1800 Tequila and Waraire Boswell. For this ESPYS look, Boswell was tasked with making an entire ensemble out of repurposed materials in just two weeks. The result? Dopeness.

"Boswell wanted to go with the untraditional for this project, and so he tapped into a massive collection of military surplus from different countries around the world," writes Alia Stearns for UPROXX. "He tested a wide range of fabrics until he found exactly what he was looking for, 1950s fatigues from the Belgian Congo. The camouflage of the pants featured a refined design and a sort of 'brush stroke' effect. They were perfect."

"Thank you to @waraireboswell & @1800Tequila for my ESPYs look @Uproxx," said Russell on Wednesday.

Did I miss any dope ESPYS looks? That's cool. Let a sister know on Twitter @itsthebaldgirl.