Rod McLeod Puts the Eagles on the Map

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After the second week of NFL Action, on Style Playbook, presented by More Than Stats, Rodney McLeod helped spark his Eagles to the top-16.

New York Giants wide receiver Brandon Marshall held down his team once again, but his QBs contribution cancelled the look out. The rest of the team did just enough to drop the Giants from No. 2 to No. 4.

Von Miller and Emmanuel Sanders helped keep the Broncos in the top-5 for the third week in a row with their consistent contributions in Denver.

Eagles safety Rodney McLeod, NFL Week 2

Eagles safety Rodney McLeod, NFL Week 2

Eagles safety Rodney McLeod

Eagles safety Rodney McLeod

Rankings into week two of the NFL season:

  1. Vikings

    • Stefon Diggs
  2. Bills

    • Tyrod Taylor
  3. Broncos

    • Von Miller
  4. Giants

    • Brandon Marshall
  5. Panthers

    • Cam Newton
  6. Chiefs

    • Travis Kelce
  7. Jags

    • Marcedes Lewis
  8. Seahawks

    • Kam Chancellor
  9. Texans

    • Deandre Hopkins
  10. Cowboys

    • Orlando Scandrick
  11. Dolphins

    • Andre Branch
  12. Steelers

    • Antonio Brown
  13. Titans

    • Demarco Murray
  14. Bengals

    • AJ Green
  15. Eagles

    • Rodney McLeod
  16. Patriots

    • Danny Amendola